Service Desk Management System

Service Desk Management System

It's a pride thing

We take great pride in not claiming any kind of ITIL compliance. We’re ITIL natives and couldn't dream of building a service desk management system without speaking ITIL. Products that claim they provide support to all ITIL processes are breaking one of the key principles of good product design: you can’t be good at everything. The ITIL processes may very well be a tightly connected family, but that doesn’t mean that one tool fits all family members.

Особый подход

Tailor your ITIL implementation for a perfect fit. Zendesk Support enables ITIL processes without the typical ITIL tool complexity, so you can put your focus where it counts. And with our flexibility and analytics, you have a system that truly facilitates continuous improvement—the core ITIL tenet.

Пользуйтесь преимуществами

Zendesk’s IT service desk software puts multi-channel ticketing and employee self-service portals in a single place. IT teams can efficiently track problems, trouble tickets, changes, and assets while still bringing great service to their best customers—other employees.

A timely solution

Zendesk's powerful service management automation tools help:
  • IT teams manage incidents, events, problems, and service requests easily
  • Solve common user problems faster with pre-defined responses called macros
  • Tag issues to report, categorize, and track problems across tickets
  • Keep track of phones, computers, monitors, and more by integrating with common IT asset management tools

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