программа для интеллектуальной работы с клиентами

You feelin' lucky?

If you aren't using customer intelligence software then we truly hope you are feeling lucky. Because being damn good — simply doesn't cut the mustard anymore. Customer analytics platforms provide the insight to be proactive — so you luck never runs out with Zendesk Connect.

Keep your relationships going strong

Беседы результативнее всего, если вы завязываете их в нужный момент. Connect позволит вам разработать маркетинговую кампанию для сообщений в продукте с учетом контекста или кампанию для электронной почты, чтобы вновь привлечь клиентов. Запускайте кампании по разным сегментам, оставляйте краткие заметки для VIP-клиентов или планируйте одноразовые кампании по всему списку рассылки.

What's really going on?

Keep track of campaign performance in real-time—who’s seen it and who was interested enough to click through. Get high-level visibility with aggregated metrics, and granular insight with customer level tracking.

Data is your friend

Collecting customer data from across the Zendesk family of products enables you to:

  • Complete your customer view with a timeline of events and conversations
  • Create segments of customers based on behavior or profile
  • Identify trends and trigger targeted campaigns to get the right message to the right customers
  • Call out a proactive heads up about issues or a well-timed tip for newbies delivers assistance before customers know they need it

Try Outbound by Zendesk Today

Outbound is now a member of the Zendesk family. We're working together to make customer analytics management much more than just luck.