Forrester on the future of omnichannel commerce

Published January 10, 2018
Last modified January 10, 2018

Omnichannel is one of those buzzwords that doesn’t seem to be losing its buzz anytime soon. More and more companies are prioritizing omnichannel initiatives in order to attract and retain customers—especially amongst today’s growing customer service expectations.

Haven’t quite caught on to the buzz of what omnichannel means yet? According to Forrester, “Omnichannel commerce is the coordination of traditional channels (marketing, selling, and fulfillment) and supporting systems to create a seamless and consistent customer experience.”

In the report below, Forrester identifies and discusses 4 key areas that are crucial for omnichannel success:

  • An enterprise-level, single view of the customer
  • Seamless customer engagement
  • Anywhere, anytime fulfillment
  • Product and pricing parity

Forrester’s report, "Envisioning The Future Of Omnichannel Commerce", is no longer available for complimentary download. Please click here for more great insights from Forrester.

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