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Have your agents go out on a limb

You can in fact cut down a tree without a chainsaw, but why? Your customer service agents might be incredibly hard workers, but if systems are preventing them from being their most productive, hard work might not equate to efficient work. It may be time to reconsider the software you use. Unlike a tree in the forest, unhappy customers will definitely make a sound.

The right tools

Zendesk Talk provides call centers with the tools they need to see the forest through the trees. Efficient work means achieving maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort. When it comes to maximizing customer service productivity, streamlined customer interactions and software are your best friends. If your support agents have the right tools, they are more likely to be efficient, and in turn, your customer service is bound to improve—along with your company’s bottom line. Timber!

Работайте грамотно

The benefits of working smarter in customer support, not harder:
  • Reduced customer service costs
  • Increased customer retention
  • Happy customers drive sales

Чем помогает Zendesk

When it comes to efficient customer service, whether through a phone call or online chat, having the right tools is a must. The Zendesk customer service app Not quite ready to go out on a limb?

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