13 ways to be a customer-driven company

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Top 10 help desk metrics

Beyond cookie butter: the secrets behind Trader Joe’s great customer experience

Исследование окупаемости омниканальной поддержки

Омниканальная поддержка без проблем вместе с Zendesk

Омниканальный подход Zendesk

Improve your self-service with the right metrics

Research links volunteering with happier employees and customers

The age of the customer: How companies transform their customer experience with Zendesk

Cultivating customer loyalty by supporting choice making

Создание первоклассной системы самообслуживания клиентов

Magic Quadrant для центров привлечения клиентов — отчет Gartner за 2019 г.

Team up on self-service with Team Publishing

Rethinking phone support with Zendesk Talk

How Harry’s built a world-class customer support team with Stella Connect and Zendesk

Help more customers in less time – Americas

What’s New at Zendesk: September 2018 – Americas

Общий доступ к аккаунтам укрепляет лояльность клиентов

Customer service trends: faster, cheaper, and more human

Understand and act on your ticket data with Insights reporting

Debunking the myths of omnichannel customer experience

How to get started with Omnichannel Customer Engagement

Tapping into the powerful combination of Support and Chat, featuring MeUndies

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