2017 technology trends in customer support centers

A great customer experience helps to build long-term relationships with customers, yet many support organizations don’t have the tools to provide consistent support.

A recent survey by Gatepoint Research finds that while the top goal for the majority of customer support organizations is to raise satisfaction levels, staff are still struggling with systems that are hard to use and integrate—making it difficult to deliver a consistent customer experience across channels and agents.

51% of Gatepoint survey respondents stated the leadership team views customer service as a potential competitive advantage. However, uneven service continues to be the main cause of customer frustration.

Survey participants shared current challenges and key trends including:

• Raising customer satisfaction scores is what matters most to them
• Uneven service continues to be the main cause of customer frustration
• Current customer support system are hard to use and difficult to integrate

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*Gatepoint Research, December 2016

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