Corporate knowledge base

Tap into your corporate knowledge base to improve customer satisfaction

Your business is teaming with a wealth of information. Your agent know, if used effectively, could save time, increase efficiency, and improve the overall customer experience. If only there was a way to harness all of that power. Oh, wait, there is. Zendesk Guide can help.

Самая точная информация

Zendesk Guide, a smart knowledge base, lets you tap into institutional knowledge so that you can put it to work. With Guide, it's quick and easy to create a customizable help center for your corporate business. Building on the knowledge your agents have gleaned over time, Guide improves the self-service experience for customers. It's instrumental in improving agent efficiency and providing speedier resolutions.

А вы знаете?

The customer experience is improved with Guide, which:
  • Provides relevant, up-to-date content - the popularity and effectiveness of content is measured and scored so that you can see what works and what needs to be optimized
  • Enables self-service - automatically delivering relevant answers and information
  • Uses artificial intelligence - the Guide Answer Bot automatically resolves high frequency tickets with relevant article suggestions

Дальнейшие действия

Users and management agree that as a corporate knowledge base Guide delivers on its promise to put knowledge to work. See how it can work for you. Launch your free trial today.

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