Client Collaboration Portal

Bringing agents and customers together on a client collaboration portal

Clients are going to get together and discuss product or issues. Feedback forums, social media, and online review sites make it extremely easy to do so. However, when clients collaborate on outside sites, agents are robbed of the ability to assist with issues, or even identify areas for improvement. That’s where Zendesk Guide comes in.

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Community, part of Zendesk Guide, is a fully customizable client collaboration portal. Visitors to Community can request assistance or compare product notes, easily finding solutions to problems. And Community offers intuitive contributor tools which scan content when new posts are started, ensuring content fresh and free of duplications.

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Community joins customers and companies in a supportive atmosphere, which:
  • Provides moderated discussions – ensures visitors stay on topic and allows for support teams to provide help as needed
  • Provides full design control – ensuring a warm and inviting place to be
  • Allows for posts to be sorted or followed, keeping users up-to-date

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To find out more about how Community is providing a client collaboration portal that promotes a better experience for everyone, request your free trial today.

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