Technical documentation software

Robust software to develop, store, manage technical documentation
A happy customer is a loyal customer. And customers are their happiest when they get the help they need, when they need it. Support teams have the technical knowledge to not only identify customer issues, but to solve them. The trick is tapping into that vast knowledge base and delivering the right technical information, at the right time. That’s where Zendesk Guide comes in.

The details

With Guide, building a customizable help center, customer portal, and online community is quick and easy. Managers and authorized users can create, add to, or edit articles, allowing you to capture and leverage the in-depth knowledge of your agents. Customers receive better self-service and agents see improved efficiency for faster resolutions.

Empower agents with technical documentation software that allows them to:

  • Search for specific articles to share in tickets
  • Receive continuous feedback that gives insight into what works, and what needs work
  • Develop content from every customer interaction

With Guide, creating a single version of your content for distribution across all channels is simple. Device incompatibility and content version are things of the past as articles are optimized automatically so that they’re easy to find in your help center or on search engines.

Learn more about how to develop and manage the technical knowledge of your agents and your company documentation for easy sharing with your customers. Sign up for a free trial of Guide today.