Churn prediction and machine learning

The data really is in the details

Quality customer relationships are built by people, but when dealing with relationships at scale, the only way to know what’s going to happen before it actually does are trends uncovered through big data analytics and machine learning. That's where Zendesk Explore comes in.

Самая точная информация

Prospective customers interact with you and your company for all sorts of reasons – testing your product, researching your website, or when they're looking for insights to a problem. While the insights from the buyer’s journey are critical to understand for your sales and marketing team, the data you gather on your existing customer relationships are far more important. Why? Because in the world of business, client retention and positive social interactions from your existing customers is critical to the health of your business.

А вы знаете?

Zendesk Explore helps your organization bring together data from all of your customer interactions and as a result, will help you predict when and where you might be in trouble with a client. Now you will know more about your customers, reduce churn and ultimately increase their overall level of client satisfaction.

The right time

Once you have connected data points such as databases, CRMs, Files, and Business Apps – including Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn. Voila. Data mining at its finest. Explore offers the real-time analytics that utilizes machine learning to predict the satisfaction level of your customer.

Dependable results

Let data be your guide to reducing customer churn. With Explore you can:

  • Drive proper resource allocation- measure your team's predictive workload capacity, as well as their performance
  • See how your customer interact with you - discover how your customers use your products, support offerings, or social channels
  • Find out who's happy or not- learn which customers are having positive experiences and which customers need additional TLC

Дальнейшие действия

Use Zendesk Explore to measure, predict, and understand the entire customer experience. Today is your day to take control. Take Explore for a spin with a free trial.