Dashboard reporting software

Dashboard reporting software

Measure the customer experience with dashboard reporting software
Companies want to engage with their customers in more personal ways across various channels. It’s not just about time and volume anymore. The increasing number of touchpoints creates more meaningful interactions. But it also creates a need for more meaningful metrics and reporting to track the value of this type of customer engagement.

Real-time business intelligence visualization dashboards

More and more, customer service teams will be measured by new metrics that are different than productivity and efficiency. We’ll see more relationship-centric metrics and analytics around agent productivity, knowledge gaps, and customer happiness measured beyond simply their satisfaction with support.”

Dashboard software can help us continue to improve our service while simultaneously getting more strategic in measuring our department against costs and revenue. This shift means enabling businesses to be able to perform new kinds of relationship-centric reporting and analyses directly in the software products they use to engage and support customers.

Zendesk Explore provides analytics to measure and understand the entire customer experience:

Эффективная командная работа

Определяйте производительность работы своего коллектива и его возможности.

See what their really up to

Узнайте, как клиенты используют ваши веб-сайт, продукты или каналы поддержки.

Find out who's happy or not

Узнайте, какие клиенты довольны, а каким требуется дополнительное внимание и забота.

Perform the analyses that matter the most. Take Explore it for a free spin around the block today.

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