Custom contact forms

Customers are always happy when you create a great help support experience. The best way to do this is to customize contact forms with a simple field to collect any information you need to solve the problem. Custom contact forms help simplify a screen and will let your support agents focus on the task at hand which is customer service. That's where Zendesk Embeddables comes in.

Самая точная информация

When it comes to custom contact forms, several things should come to mind. You want your user to have some choice but not be overwhelmed. How many fields should be used in the contact form is another big hurdle. Customers may see a large form to fill out and decide it's not worth the effort. Do all inquiries require the same basic information? If so this can help build contact forms that give the same look and feel for your brand for consistency.

Reaping the benefits

When you choose Zendesk Emeddables to build content for your custom contact forms you can:
  • Manage custom forms based on process or team
  • Allow a custom form for requests you have not anticipated
  • Test each form and determine if you are forcing a user to fill out information not needed simply to collect more information

Дальнейшие действия

There is no clear, straightforward answer to create custom contact forms. Sign up for a free 14 day trial and see how Zendesk Embeddables can help you start.

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