Website feedback plugin

Bring customer support directly to your customers with a website feedback plugin
Omnichannel support is about reducing effort for the customer, but it’s also the cornerstone of any support program that’s built to last. Instead of forcing customers to hunt around or leave your website, the Web Widget is right there when they need it.

Zendesk support seamlessly integrates into any native environment, like your website, allowing you to put help right at your customers’ fingertips. Using Zendesk's website feedback plugin, you can reach out and offer support, provide information, gather feedback, or start a conversation.

Get customer feedback wherever they roam

Zendesk Embeddables — это сочетание компонентов Web Widget и Mobile SDK, пригодное как для Android, так и для iOS. Эти компоненты позволяют разработчикам встраивать функции Zendesk — справочный центр, чат или тикеты — практически в любое приложение, веб-сайт или автономное устройство. Это помогает поддерживать целостность бренда, повышает эффективность операций поддержки и сводит к минимуму несогласованность для клиентов.

How are you feeling right now?

Our customer satisfaction and Net Promoter Score surveys, and industry-leading reporting and analytics help you stay on top of how your users are feeling—and how well your team is supporting them.

Collect patterns across usage, customer behavior, and common gaps in service.

Native in both Objective C, and Java for iOS and Android, our SDK is easy to build, integrate, and customizable

Reduce unnecessary back and forth by serving the right information at the right time in the right place.

Zendesk comes with an arsenal of tools to help you measure the customer experience, streamline operations, and plan for the future. The free trial lets you explore stress free.
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There are many ways to learn from and engage with your customers through feedback plugins. Keep reading to find out more!