InVision chose Zendesk Support because of its extensibility and built-in integrations

  • CSAT 97-99%
  • Median First Reply Time (Mins) 12-16
  • Agents 15
  • Tickets/Month 5.5-6K
  • Products Used

Among leaders of customer service organizations, Brandon Wolf holds no uncertain bragging rights. For the last six months, the vice president of customer support for InVision has reported customer satisfaction rates north of 97 percent. “The rates are usually bouncing between 98 and 99 percent,” he said.

The numbers are astounding, not only because they are so high, but because InVision offers robust software as a service. The first ever all-in-one product design platform, InVision makes it easy for companies like Adobe, Twitter, Uber, and Evernote to collaborate around their design process. Like any SaaS product, things don’t always work perfectly. But the inevitable hiccups aren’t reflected in the customer satisfaction scores.

InVision’s customers don’t limit themselves to expressing their appreciation for the support team by voting thumbs up or thumbs down on the follow-up survey. “Your support so far has proved to be the best I have ever encountered when using a tech product or service,” one customer elaborated.

“The support team at InVision was responsive and solved my problem quickly and politely,” wrote another. “Thank you for getting customer service right.”

Wolf attributes such sentiments to the professionalism of his 15-person team and the tools they use. Wolf, who joined InVision in the spring of 2014, switched their customer service software to Zendesk Support at the beginning of 2015. InVision was growing fast, and so was the number of tickets in the support queue. Wolf wanted a tool that could be configured to support the needs of a larger team.

“Our old platform didn’t offer voice or chat support and didn’t make it terribly easy to build integrations with all of the other existing tools—Salesforce, JIRA, and other common space tools that the company was using on a daily basis,” Wolf explained. In search of better functionality, the team had begun adding tools, for a total of seven. “I wanted to roll the entirety of the support team’s tooling into one platform that was easy to work with so that we could confidently and quickly support customers all in one place,” Wolf said.

Wolf said he looked at other products, but ended up choosing Support primarily because of its extensibility and built-in integrations. “The Zendesk App Framework (ZAF for short) is Zendesk’s silver bullet—it’s true differentiator,” Wolf said.

Wolf is also a fan of the Web Widget, which InVision rolled out in the spring of 2015. The widget shows up whenever users are logged in, as well as on their public-facing help center, providing a quick and low friction way for them to give feedback about InVision and get help if they need it. “I want every customer to feel like support is just an extension of the product, rather than some alien land, and this was the fastest way for us to follow through on that vision,” Wolf said. “Plus, we were able to use part of the widget API to autofill the name and email address, making it even lower friction for our users to reach out to us. Both our users and our team have fully embraced it.”

“The Zendesk App Framework is Zendesk’s silver bullet—it’s true differentiator,” Wolf said.

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The switch to Support took about two weeks. It could have been done faster, Wolf said, but there was no reason to rush. It took just an afternoon to write a script to migrate all the customer interactions that were stored in the legacy tool and a bit of testing beyond that to ensure faithful data transfer. “Moving to Zendesk Support was fairly trivial,” he said. “We did not have to engage the technical support or services teams.”

With Support, it’s easy for the support team to handoff, collaborate, and escalate customer requests without taking any extra steps or leaving the platform. That’s helped the team scale to handle 5,500 tickets a month, with a median first reply time of 12 to 16 minutes.

“It was very gratifying to switch to the new platform and be able to back up the decision with these kinds of numbers,” Wolf said. “It’s something that I’m very proud of.”

“Leveraging and investing in tools like Zendesk Support facilitates easy and seamless customer support experiences. And investing in delighting your customers will never not pay off.”

– Brandon Wolf Vice President of Customer Support for InVision