Intercom alternative

Proactively engage and support your customers
Communication should not be hard. Conversations work best when you catch people at the right moment. Knowing when to reach out is the tricky part. Zendesk Connect helps you better understand your customers and their journeys to proactively support and engage them.

Connect starts by integrating your user data. With Zendesk, data follows each user, no matter which channel, chat, or app they're using. This kind of integration gives each agent an in-app, event-based timeline for a better understanding of that customer’s history: where they’ve been on your site, when they needed help, and why.

Knowing the difference

Познакомьтесь с клиентами поближе

Соберите данные о клиентах, которые пользуются всем семейством продуктов Zendesk. Дополните свое представление графиком событий и бесед.

Примените индивидуальный подход

Классифицируйте клиентов по сегментам на основе их поведения или особенностей. Затем выявляйте тенденции и запускайте целевые кампании, чтобы правильно выбранные слова дошли до целевой аудитории.

Укрепляйте доверие и повышайте лояльность

Поддерживайте тесные отношения. Своевременное предупреждение о проблемах или вовремя данный совет новичку приносят пользу клиентам еще до того, как те догадаются, что им нужна помощь.

Actions speak louder than words

With Connect, you can design an in-product message campaign to fit the context or an email campaign to re-engage customers:

  • Add Trigger campaigns based on segments, drop a line to VIPs, or send a one-off campaign to your whole list
  • Keep track of campaign performance in real-time—who’s seen it and who was interested enough to click through
  • Get high-level visibility with aggregated metrics, and granular insight with customer level tracking
Zendesk Connect is a proactive alternative to Intercom. The free trial lets you explore how Connect also helps ticket management, scalability, and self-service solutions.