Live Chat for Website

Messaging and live chat for websites

Engage your customers with a live chat application

Be available to your customers in real-time. With the Zendesk Chat widget, your business can instantly connect with customers through live chat on your website. Proactively reach out to visitors before they have a question, run into an issue, or to simply say hello.

Make the first move

When businesses chat with a customer, they’re three times more likely to make a purchase. Start proactively engaging your customers with Zendesk Chat. Use pre-chat forms to ask visitors for their contact information before starting a chat, or offline forms to ensure customers can contact you around the clock. Send files to your customers to provide context into their support situation. A visual aid— whether it’s a product guide, a screenshot, or an animated GIF can resolve a problem in seconds.

Take advantage of AI

Take advantage of triggers. Use targeted and behavior based messages to connect with your customers. For example, taking the lead by starting a chat to help a customer complete a transaction. Lean on the chatbots. Integrate third-party AI-powered bots into Chat using our Chat Conversations API. Chatbots help automate simple, time-consuming tasks and provide your agents a helping hand.

The Zendesk way

Connect with your customers in better ways with the Zendesk chat widget. Zendesk provides your business with everything you need for chat support software. Zendesk Chat is the best solution that allows you to offer your customers and visitors live chat support wherever they are—on mobile, in your app, or through a third-party messaging app.

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