Facebook, let customers take center stage

Facebook, let customers take center stage

When it comes to your customers, content is king. Whatever part of the industry your business unit lies in, it’s crucial to continually evolve and engage with your audience. Learn how Zendesk helps technology and media brands, all across the globe, to deliver the best customer experiences.

  • Give people the power to build community
  • Bring the world closer together
  • Build useful and engaging products

Facebook, get your Age of the Customer report!

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Why the best experiences are built with Zendesk

Make every customer a VIP

Your customers should all feel like VIPs—but when all of their data is spread throughout multiple systems, supporting your communities and keeping them engaged is tough. With Zendesk, you can integrate all your data into one centralized place. And with APIs and an extensive Apps Marketplace, it’s easier than ever to keep track of product usage, user preferences, billing history, and account size—so you can identify and segment your audiences to deliver completely personalized support.

Tune in on any channel

With Zendesk, you can provide help on any channel, around the clock. Branded help centers blend in with your unique IP to address commonly asked questions, chat provides immediate in-app support, and Connect offers personalized recommendations and proactive notifications.

Let agents take the lead

No matter your agents background, be sure they have the tools they need to get answers to questions faster and more efficiently. With a complete view of your customers in Zendesk, agents can offer personalized service to every customer. And with automations and a unified knowledge base, it’s easy to get simpler tasks completed without nearly as much effort—keeping your agents engaged and your customers happy.

Enterprise companies trust Zendesk with their customer and employee interactions

Facebook + Zendesk = a powerful pair

Zendesk is a customer service and engagement platform that helps create the best possible experience for innovative and forward-thinking companies like Facebook around the world. Our enterprise customer support solution helps you efficiently handle a globally dispersed team, so you can align your organization around what matters most—your customers.

As your business evolves, Zendesk evolves with you

How Riot Games improved player satisfaction for 100+ million active monthly users

“Zendesk gets a wealth of ideas from customers and often anticipates our needs before we’re even able to articulate or understand them.” – Shaun ‘BlueFire’ Randall Product Manager Support Engineering

200,000+ teams trust our product

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