Better together: Zendesk and HipChat Connect

Published December 15, 2015
Last modified December 15, 2015

Sometimes it takes a village to build great customer relationships. And just like any team doing great work together, the more tools we have to enable collaboration, the better. When it all works together in context, it’s magic.

HipChat has been a great Zendesk partner, and our existing integration has helped many agents communicate and collaborate across teams in a more seamless and efficient way. Recently, HipChat invited our team to participate in HipChat Connect development week. In a few short, high-energy days, we rebuilt our existing integration. The result: It’s easier than ever for agents to work in Zendesk without leaving their HipChat room.

With the new Zendesk add-on for HipChat, you can access Zendesk tickets and view information in the knowledge base and FAQs directly from HipChat rooms. This allows your team to discuss a ticket within the conversation context, use the knowledge-base as a reference, and leverage shortcuts, just as they would within Zendesk directly.

For example, with the expanded cards feature, you can see everything important about a ticket you’re working on in one glance:

Zendesk add-on for HipChat

All you need to do is type the ticket number into your chat room and the ticket will populate with all of the most important information you need. Want to go directly into the ticket within Zendesk? Click on the three dots and then click “Go to ticket.”

HipChat Connect and Zendesk ensures seamless integration and increased team productivity. You can preview FAQ content or search your existing Zendesk Help Center with keywords directly from HipChat. For instance, imagine someone on your team is looking for information you know is already documented in your Zendesk. You can direct them to these articles or forum posts without your co-worker ever having to leave your HipChat room. This can also be extremely useful if you’re trying to send content to your customers as well either via email or in the context of an open support ticket.

Lastly, you can also configure Zendesk triggers to notify the HipChat room of Zendesk events such as a ticket being updated or solved. Check out this Help Center article for more details.

Easy, right? The better we can put our brains together, the better we can make sure our customers love us—especially when you take advantage of great tools like this new integration to help them connect.

Learn more about HipChat Connect.

Want to build your own? Check out the developer docs.