Infographic: where are the happiest employees?

Published July 12, 2012
Last modified July 12, 2012

Our latest infographic takes a look at which countries have the happiest employees, and which ones don't. At Zendesk, we believe that happy employees provide better customer service.

Our benchmark feature allows Zendesk users to keep track of how their customers are rating their customer service. Recently, we announced our Satisfaction Index, which uses the Zendesk benchmark to measure customer happiness across 65 million consumers in 137 countries. Looking over the inforgraphic and Satisfaction Index in tandem, there is something of a connection between countries with happy employees and countries that are providing the best customer service.

Canada, Australia, and Germany have high rates of happy employees and some of the highest customer service scores. On the other hand, France, China and Turkey have some the lowest rates of happy employees and also have a low scores on the customer service satisfaction index. While there isn't always a connection between how happy employees are and how good the customer service is in any given country, we strongly believe that in general, a happy customer support rep is way more likely to provide quality customer service. Zendesk provides your support team with the best tools for providing your customers great customer support, which makes your employees happy, which makes your customers happy, which makes your employees happy...

And of course, we have to give a shout out to Denmark, birthplace of Zendesk and the happiest country on the list!

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