The Power of Integrated Phone Support, Featuring Dorm Room Movers

Published June 3, 2016
Last modified June 3, 2016

Phone support is a powerful way to help your customers. But standalone phone systems, separate from other support channels, can negatively impact support operations. Agents are forced to switch between systems, which makes it difficult to keep track of customer interactions.
In this on-demand webinar, hear how Dorm Room Movers, a fast-growing shipping, storage and moving company, switched from a siloed phone system to Zendesk Talk. By making this move to integrated phone support, they created a single, seamless platform for customer communication.
Matthew Grossman, co-founder and COO of Dorm Room Movers, and Ryan Nichols, General Manager of Zendesk Talk, discuss how Zendesk Talk helped Dorm Room Movers to:

  • Consolidate software systems, boost agent productivity, and reduce operational costs
  • Gain full visibility into the customer journey and provide more personal service
  • Centralize reporting for comprehensive analytics and improved forecasting

Matthew Grossman

Matthew Grossman is co-founder and COO of Dorm Room Movers. Since launching Dorm Room Movers in 2007, right after graduating from college, he and his partner Leor Lapid have scaled operations to over 150 campuses, moving over 20,000 students nationwide. Building on the success of Dorm Room Movers, Grossman and team have launched SpaceShip, providing by-the-box storage and shipping for anyone, anywhere in the country.